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Rehoboth, MA 02769
(508) 336-8813
    In order to help some of our customers with some unusual experiance The Celtic Cricket, along with the other psychics of The Silver Willow has teamed up with the Green Monkey Paranormal Society.
     Green Monkey Paranormal Society was created as an investigative team that approaches cases from all angles. What sort of cases? Why, claims of the paranormal, of course!   Our mission is to help families and individuals who are experiencing paranormal activity that makes them uncomfortable or afraid for their safety in their own homes.  People don't realize the amount of stress that paranormal activity can put on a family or how this added stress can add to the haunting like a sick cycle carousel.

We go into every investigation with the various skills our team members have to offer the client very supportive services. We are here to help the living deal with the dead and to teach the dead to deal with the living.  If you are experiencing something that you can not explain, give us a call here at the Silver Willow and maybe we'll find your answers for you. There is no charge for an investigation, but donations are accepted. Check us out on facebook and become part of the Green Monkey family! Everyone needs a little help not and then, it's like our motto says:

"Everyone has a monkey on their back, but when yours is glowing green, there's a good chance that it's paranormal."

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